We were approach by the client to create a unique brand name and identity for their new door manufacturing business.


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Brand Name: Block

Tagline: Innovated Perfection

Simple, sharp and to the point. It’s a memorable brand name and represents the idea that each door created by the company is a custom block that can be manufactured to each clients specifications. The name can also be used creatively throughout worded communications for the company.

Definitions of the word Block:

1. A solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more flat services (commonly a square block – with a subtle link back to the original ‘Square’ brand name).

2. To craft your own “block doors”. 2. To obstruct something by placing obstacles in the way. A door blocks cool or hot air from getting through.


Brand Identity:

A sharp and sophisticated brand, that will stand out amongst the crowd.

Inspired by European design, the brand direction encompasses elements of architecture and Swiss typography. The brand’s stand-out feature being the vibrant orange, which can either be used minimally or all encompassing (such as the vehicle and product wraps). With a shade of dark / navy blue to balance the brand.

The typographic layout is interesting and different, representing the custom and flexible door products that the company will manufacture. And the ‘L’ in the corner represents the right angle, which forms the basis of the square block and links back to the design and construction
of the doors.

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