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Due to recent privacy violations from well known social media platforms, Instagram has changed the way we can access content.

Previously we could pull any content from any user, now each user must authorise the use of their content outside of Instagram. This is done via an ‘access token’ that is generated by the user.

We cannot generate this for you as we would need your Instagram Login Details. So we have created this handy button
so you can generate your own by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Instagram account
  2. Click the button below (you will be taken to Instagram(
  3. Authorise access to your account (you will then be returned to this page)
  4. Copy the access token that now appears below the button
  5. Send this to Five Creative ( along with you Instagram Account Name and Website

Click here to generate your Access Token!

Your Access Token:

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