V for Victori-a Flag

90cm x 60cm

Fully Hemmed Ready To use

Single Sided Print

200D Polyester For Outdoor Use

Made in Australia

Estimated Delivery Time: 1 – 3 Weeks

(Colours may appear differently from screen)



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Someone wrote a kind email today, thanking us for starting V for Victoria.

They also enquired if whether we’d be printing the ‘V’ onto flags, mentioning that they were “popular and proudly used to show solidarity,” where that person lived.

Of course, myself being an avid Australian flag enthusiast had in fact played around with a flag design some weeks prior. But perhaps more for an expressive pop culture approach of telling the story within the ‘V’.

If you look closely, you might recognise the palm of the ‘V’ makes up the geographical shape and official colour (Navy Blue) of the state of Victoria. The remaining shapes that form the fingers of the hand use official colours that represent all other Australian states, territories and nations. Blending the traditional ideas behind the Union Jack, the Australian Commonwealth Star and the circular sun on the Australian Aboriginal Flag and rolled into the form of the ‘V’ for victory. V for Victoria.

Thereby, becoming a “cooee” from Victoria to all people across Victoria, Australia and beyond. To ask for help, to carry each other and to lift us all through our perpetual state of crisis.

Charlie Ryan

Sunday, 20 September, 2020
Melbourne, Victoria

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