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The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is an Australian independent, internationally renowned medical research facility.

The ‘You’ Campaign was a major donor appeal, to help raise funds towards an ambitious plan to help 5 million Australian’s both manage and prevent heart disease and diabetes with the introduction of Personalised Medicine.


Logo Design
Campaign Design


Publication Design
Production Management


We captured 50 faces from all walks of life to represent 0.001% of the 5 million Australian’s the Institute is working towards helping both manage and prevent heart disease and diabetes.  The faces were used throughout the campaign publication and online.

As part of the project, we created an icon to represent the institute’s Personalised Medicine, which would extend past the campaign itself. The icon represents the 3 key areas that are examined to create an individualised prevention and tailored therapy: Genetics, Lifestyle and Environment.

The 3 magnified points, link back to a heart, which is both representative of the Baker brand and a symbol for human life and individuality. The shape itself, with the heart in the middle, represents an individual’s energetically raised arms to create a ‘Y’ shape, linking back to the ‘You’ campaign name. The principal colour palette incorporate the existing Baker colours; blue and red, and introduces a darker blue and a purple – purple being the colour that is produced when blue and red are mixed together. An additional secondary colour palette and 50 icon combinations were formulated for the campaign to help emphasise the complex individuality to implementing ‘personalised medicine’. The 50 icon’s representing 0.001% of the 5 million Australian’s the institute plan’s to help.

Photography: Shara Henderson

Printing: Bambra Press

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