Images are an integral part of your website. We now live in a very fast and visual age and the more ways that you can convey your company’s message via imagery, the better. Sometimes showing is better than telling.

There are three ways that we can approach imagery for your website:

  1. You provide us with all images for your website. We then place these images within your site.
  2. You provide us with some images for your website. We source additional stock images to pad out your image library. We then place these images within your site.*
  3. You provide us with an overview of your products and/or services and we arrange for a photographer to take product shots/profile images. We then place these images within your site*

*Option 2 and 3 will incur additional fees for the services provided.

If you are providing us with images, logos or branding for your website, below are some simple instructions to ensure your imagery and branding will look the best that it can.




Please make sure that all your images are high resolution. The higher the resolution the better.

As a minimum, aim for no less than 1000 pixels for feature images and no less than 2000 pixels for background images.

Image Format

Logo: For logos or transparent (background) images please provide SVG or PNG files. SVG is preferred for simple imagery such as Logos.

For all other imagery, JPEG is fine. 

Branding and Design Guidelines

Your brand is how the public recognise you. Your brand needs to be consistent throughout your site.

Please let us know of any branding or design guidelines prior to design development. This will help prevent double handling and to assist us in a more streamlined and efficient process.

Google Drive Folder

We have set up a Google Drive Folder for your project and will share a link with you once your project is underway.

Within this folder you will find subfolders that correspond with your agreed web pages (also known as your site map). E.g. Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Products, etc.

Please file all images into the folder that corresponds with your website. E.g. images you would like to see on your homepage should be filed within the folder titled ‘Homepage’.

  1. Click on the link provided to your personal Google Drive Folder
  2. Click the folder titled ‘SITE CONTENT’ within this folder are subfolders that replicate your website pages e.g. Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products
  3. File images into the relevant folders with a description and/or in numerical order

And if you get stuck please let us know, we’re here to help.


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