Copy sells. Sells an idea, a product, a story. That is why it is so important for you to have quality copy for your website. Imagery can be powerful, but on its own it lacks weight. Copy is what hooks your clients in and creates an understanding between yourself and your consumer so that they are not left guessing. It needs to be concise, informative and engaging. The aim is to keep your consumer on your site in order for them to invest in your product.

There are three ways that we can approach web copy for your website:

  1. You provide us with final copy for your website. We integrate that content within your site.
  2. You provide us with 95% of the copy for your website. We review it, provide you with feedback and tweak it. We then integrate that content within your site.*
  3. You provide us with some dot points for each page and an overview of your services and we arrange for a copywriter to flesh it out. We integrate that content within your site*

*Option 2 and 3 will incur additional fees for the services provided.


If you have opted to write your own copy, you might be feeling a little stuck and unsure of where to start.

Below are some tips and tricks that we have found helpful in the past to get the words flowing…

  • Start with dot points – what are the key features of your business that you want to include? What information do you want to share within each page of your website?
  • Keep content to a minimum – you can always build on your messages at a later date, sometimes less is more.
  • Identify your tone of voice – are you informative? Knowledgeable? An expert in your field? A trailblazer? Whatever you are, remain consistent and most importantly, keep your tone friendly and welcoming so that people feel comfortable reaching out.
  • Keep sentences short and succinct – people read books, but they scan websites. When most people jump online it is to obtain quick answers to solve problems or to find specific products that they would like to purchase. Make this information easy for your customers to obtain with short, succinct sentences, clear headings and defined subheadings.
  • Think about your last sale call – what do people want to know about most? Can you validate why your service is the best? Show your ROI? Solve pain points?
  • See what your top competitors are doing – it might prompt you to add some content that you have overlooked
  • And finally, check out what Google likes to help with your content – type in a key phrase specific to your industry e.g. we might type in “Web Designers Australia”. The pages that are listed first are ranking well and this is based on their copy. Review it, what are they saying and how are they saying it?

And if you get stuck please let us know, we have some great copywriter’s available who can create succinct content for your website, relatively quickly.


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