What does your Business Card say about you?

The humble and traditional business card is a branded asset that is perhaps overlooked or undervalued by a growing number of today’s business owners and their key internal (marketing) decision makers. Whilst it is a standard inclusion of any good brand identity project, outside of a few industries like Architecture, Design and Melbourne’s Hospitality scene, you will find the general consensus of people in business, is that they will simply choose the lowest to mid-ranged cost option for their printed stationery – without much consideration for it’s true function, purpose and presentation.

I mean, what more is a business card, than a piece of paper or card with your contact details printed on it?

The business card is in fact an extension of the crucial first impression that you will give to a potential customer, client or partner. And it is in most cases, the physical asset of your brand that you leave behind. If you nail your first impression, your business card should work to re-emphasise and strengthen that persons first gut-feeling about you and your brand. Or if you didn’t have the opportunity or didn’t bring your A-game to that first meeting, your business card could be the make-or-break that gets you and your business over the line, or at the very least a second chance opportunity.

In the lead-up to our studio’s 10th year in providing a Branding service that has helped guide businesses, throughout Australia and across the globe, with their own brand identities – including the design and production of many engaging business cards – we’ve put together a list of our Top Five Creative tips to consider when looking at your business card:

1. Does it reflect and represent you and your brand?


2. Does it communicate your service and/or product?


3. Is it different and does it help you stand-out from what your competition is handing-out?


4. Does it make people want to hold onto it? (Better yet, would you want to hold onto it?)


5. Is it a Memorable first impression?



Above: Some of our most memorable and favourite business cards that our studio has produced over the last 10 years.

If you would like to find out more about Business Cards, Printed and Digital Stationery or discuss the broader and wonderful topics of Brand Strategy and Identity, I welcome you to get in touch with me via email at charlie@fivecreative.com.au or contact our Branding Team on (03) 9826 2174.

Charlie Ryan  | Creative Director 

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